God of Death. He wears darkness like a suit, is clothed in it. Smoke embracing his frame, playing tricks on the mind; always deluding the eye. He is always moving, has ever this quiet storm whispering around him. He is good looking, but paying closer attention you will notice you can’t quite get him ‘right’. As if he can’t hold his shape together properly, or if you can’t get your eyes to focus on him. The edges are always a bit too soft, or maybe it is too hard, it is difficult to tell. He is always just a little bit too much of silhouette, too less of a defined figure. As if the sun is always in his back; staring you in the eye - blinding you; reducing the details of his shape to blackness.


full name Devaki Woods

nicknames Dave, Dolan, Mister D.

gender male

status immortal, son of the gods

born in Lasinco, outside of time

keywords shadows, darkness, immortality, shape-shifting, death, all shades of black


current activities ruling the underground

current location the underground, modern wild west

relationship-status single


Very in control, of his emotions, his powers, his life. Doesn’t care about other people - or things. Isn’t impressed by them. You could put a knife to his throat and he would laugh and walk away. He is well travelled and educated. Smart. The kind of guy that reads news papers and listens to the journal. Humans amuse him. Because he mainly exists out of shadow-matter (see his abilities), he isn't exactly vulnerable against gunshots and knife wounds. Most of the time the wounds heal straight away. He heals faster during the night, but can escape more easily in general during the day (through the shadows). He is not a hunter, he does not play cat and mouse games (nevertheless, he does like mind games in a way). If he wants something, he goes and he gets it. But there is very little he wants and even less he desires to keep.

He loves sunny days, walks around in the sun for hours, the heat doesn’t bother him. Moves thoughtless through shadows, can move hundreds of meters within seconds. Doesn’t need concentration for it, handles it like some sort of an afterthought. His powers and the fact that they are strongest during the day, make him a paradoxical kind of person: he loves the daylight, but is associated with darkness only. His favourite colours are black, black and black, but oh, how does he love that fire in the sky - and if he could weave that through his clothes, he would do it.

To most Devaki appears as a gentleman. He is clever and has a good sense of humor. He can appreciate the value of a good meal, a fine wine and a witty joke. You wouldn’t be the first to call him a handsome devil - and why wouldn’t you? Everyone knows, after all, that the devil is a gentleman. He is the kind of guy that always has money - that takes you to fancy restaurants in his, just as fancy, car. He is that person that your children call ‘Mister D’ and that all people automatically adres with ‘Sir’. And why wouldn’t they? He is always dressed up, he is always polite, he always pays the bills and no matter what you ask of him: he grants it to you. The only thing he asks in return is a little bit of your time. You won’t notice it, you won’t have to do anything for it. It will just go away. Yesterday it was there and now it is gone. Ten seconds here, two minutes there; the only currency Devaki will ever deal in, is the one that everyone seem to have plenty of: time.

Granting favours like candies, Devaki makes it all too easy for people to forget that nothing ever comes free. Not that it matters, because as said, the only thing he desires is the one thing mankind gives away as if it is free: time. So when you need something, wether it is money or a self-esteem, turn to him and he will give it to you. He is always plain and honest about what he wants in return: your time. He even lays out a contract if you wish to do so (although it means very little to him), as long as that makes you agree with the deal. No, he does not wish to spend the time with you, he just wants to have your time. He will tell you not to worry about it; it will all be arranged - in the end, it will all work out perfectly. You will not lose a night’s sleep over it - just a few hours of your life in general. As said: nothing to worry about.

Skills & Abilities

Master of Shadows

Devaki is mostly made of, what he calls, shadow-matter. It not only gives him the power to shape his appearance to his own likings, but he can also evaporate in shadows and move through them in a smoke-like state. It gives him the power to quickly move from one place to another, especially in places with lots of shadows. It also makes him quite invulnerable, since his skin just fills up any holes and broken pieces with a new bit of shadow-matter. However, there is a catch - or two. For starters his powers are strongest when the sun is at his brightest and the shadows are the smallest. More troublesome for him is, however, that when he doesn’t pay attention during the day, he can suddenly fall apart when the shadows unexpectedly close in on him. It doesn’t happen all that often, since he is a very composed man, but when it happens you will find him quite literally all over the place.

God of Death

Like his father he is cast out of the realm of the gods and just like his father he takes his immortality from mankind. He basically sips up a couple of minutes of the natural lifespan of the humans around him. You can find him a lot in places of death (like hospitals), because when people are about to die before their time has come, he can freely take all their 'unused' years. In theory he is capable of always doing so, but he has found out that humans hold on (unknowingly) to their lifespan quite tightly. A couple of hours is usually the most he can steal - and it exhausts him.

He also has a certain and very specific gift to communicate with babies in the first hours of their life: he can show them their whole future ahead and they can decide if they want it or not. If not they give their life energy up to him and they die. It makes him responsible for a lot of the crib deaths.

He is always attracted by death and since he is close to always clothed in black and evaporating in and out of smoke and shadows there are a lot of people that claim to have seen the grim reaper because of him. The gods don't know about his behaviour as much as they don't care: Devaki has a way of keeping the use of his powers within limits and, more importantly, unknown by most of mankind. As long as he doesn't get the gods in trouble, they shrug and look the other way.


human Black hair, black eyes. Sometimes young, like 16/17 years old, sometimes older (between 30/40). Sometimes covered in tattoos, which are always moving, shape shifting. His skin is pale, normally, but then appears to be close to black. He doesn't seem able to make up his mind about his own appearance, and keeps (in a way) shifting shape. People have a hard time pin pointing his features down when looking at him. When they talk about him later they usually give quite different descriptions.

horse An all black coat and black eyes. Has four unicorn horns, all of them broken. He has a burning halo he can throw around, but usually hangs on one of his horns. Baroque build, feathered legs, his hooves are not really visible, but also jet black. Black smoke hangs around his body, especially his backhand. It makes him sort of hard to focus on, and keep his shape sharp.

accessories owns a necklace with a jackdaw-skull. Wears it sometimes on a leather lace and other times at a silver chain.

Horse shape

Breed Andalusian

Color coat, eyes, mane and tail: all black

Details four broken horns and one shining halo

Creditsworked-out design and artwork by alimarije


Son of Jackdaw, grew up in the land of the singing clouds. Left at some point to discover the mortal world. Probably has commit some smaller crimes in the past, but quickly found out that he was smarter than most humans and got bored with the game. Is quite bored in general, tries to find entertainment in the world. Things that amuse him. Has been a sailor for some time and at some point, probably on the same ship as Connor, before the later decided that a pirate life would suit him better.

Past the tracks

Take a little walk to the edge of town and go across the tracks - past the square, past the bridge, past the mills, past the stacks. Hey man, you know you are never coming back. Devaki might have been born in Lasinco, but the man he is today is as much defined by the time he spent underneath the smoke of 1920’s London. Not a nice time to be alive, and certainly not a nice place to live - not for any man, but the ones that are attracted to death. Thus it were, for Devaki, golden times: people died young, long before their time came - and all those lost years were quietly added to his lifespan, because that was the magic that ruled his blood. In those days he was as much a ghost as a king. People knew to be afraid of him, not because he was necessarily cruel, but because there was something dark about him. The kind of darkness that was alluring, but made your heart turn cold with fear all the same.
Those days underneath the London smoke taught Devaki in the first place how to survive. However, another thing he learned was that most humans turned out to be despicable little creatures honouring their own selfish desires above all. Easy to manipulate, easy to shape and easy to use. He learned they would do anything and everything for the promise of money. He didn’t even need to show the actual thing - he just needed to tell them he had it available. People, or so it seemed, had a tendency to believe him - and they would crawl when he asked them too. Albeit being fascinated by this particular hungry nature, he found his interest fleeting soon enough. From day to day Devaki kept to himself.
Despite being a lone wolf, despite the people being afraid of him by the very nature of their being, he had a way of attract them to him. They respected him - not for an insignificant part because everybody knew people had a tendency of dying around him. It kept the neighbour surrounding his house and workplace nice and quiet. After all, everybody had at least one thing in common: they all preferred to stay alive. It didn’t take long for Devaki to figure out he could charge people for the safety he provided - not minding in the least that it was a fake safety that they somehow had forced down upon themselves.
It worked. It payed off. Devaki stayed there for almost two decades; commonly known as ‘the Ghost’.