Born as human, raised himself through the ages to the status of half-god. Considered to be immortal. Son of wanderers and not a stranger to the world himself. Grown up in a warm and loving family on some ranch. Dreamed of flying before he could walk. Almost killed himself, several times, by trying to make this dream come true. When he could walk, he wandered off constantly, into the plains, the forests and old villages. Got lost multiple times, but got never discouraged. Roamed the world ever since his early teens. Fathered at least three children by three different people. Had multiple lovers, men as well as women. Probably has some kind of multiple personality disorder causing his very erratic behaviour. Is however, always true to his true self. Whatever that may be. Spends now most his time causing thunderstorms, offering some thief-folk enough lightning to steal. Until he will soar on the wind to some other place and time.


Full Name Fingall ‘Flight’ Akesh

Nicknames Wolf, Waterval bij Maanlicht (Waterfall at Moonlight), Maskbearer

Gender male

Zodiac saggitarius

Status human, but immortal

Keywords wanderer, fallen angel, thunder-heart, erratic, rebel, charming, poor impulse-control, golden boy


Current activities annoying Evan, making friends with Widowmaker, taking Wolf for nightly rides

Current location Birchwood farm

Relationship-status in denial about anything serious; serial one-night-stands with Evan

Family Avareth & Myou (parents), Vouh (twin-brother), Reolt (younger brother); Foxy (daughter by Satine), Thor & Azar (twins by Evan), Aleena & Nochnaya (twins by Corinne)



Family Son of Avareth & Myou, twin-brother of Vouh and older brother of Reolt. Father of Foxy (by Satine), Aleena & Nochnaya (by Corinne), and Azar & Thor (by Evan). Despite not being connected by blood, he considers Wolfsmelk (Evan’s niece) and Dille (Azar’s fiancée) to be as close to him as family.

Lovers Former lover of Satine & Corinne. Shares on-and-off both his bed and his mind with Evan. Is more attached to him than he would ever admit to anyone, including himself.

Jackdaw Don’t dabble with the gods, my friend. If anyone had told him so, would it have kept him from doing so? Caught outside time, Fingall spent a couple of years underneath the wing of a god that would grow to be both his mentor as well as his friend. A relation that would, as most things in Fingall’s life, end in a heartbreak through betrayal.

Evan V. Donoghue

♂ Evan is a fairly serious individual with very little patience for the eccentricities of the various people he meets. However, he is not above employing sarcasm in conversation with certain people, particularly those he sees as exhibiting hypocrisy. He has a strong protector instinct, which perhaps is amplified by his quest for redemption.
by alimarije

Azar Donoghue

♂ God of dreams. Wanderer between worlds. Cannot dream himself, thus visits the dreams of others. His immortality is gained by eating the dreams he visits. Graffiti artist in daily life. Loves poppies. And Dille.

Thor Donoghue

♂ He had born as a soft boy, full of hope and light; his Italian a running book full of gentle pauses and ellipses, thoughtful lashes between tongue and word. Soft eyes, soft hands, why didn’t he emerge with armor? Why was he doomed to be vulnerable? Battleworn, hard as iron, and wearing his scars on his sleeve, Thor’s life is and has been every morsel of assumption that others have made from first sight: sharp, bitter, and full of an acute, ragged desolation.
by alimarije

Avareth Akesh

♂ Formerly known as the head of a criminal empire, Avareth Akesh is a ghost that doesn’t exist on paper. For years he was on the most wanted list with only a vague description and subject to one of the biggest manhunts in New York. Always on the run, but always on his terms, he refused to retire until he met Myou and said goodbye to a life of crime and bloodshed. Perfectly content on their idyllic ranch they raised a number of children.
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Myou Akesh

"She was like a forest, like the dark interlacing of the oakwood, humming inaudibly with myriad unfolding buds. Meanwhile the birds of desire were asleep in the vast interlaced intricacy of her body."

Vouh Akesh

♂ He comes from a family with several criminal ties and was very quickly interested in the quirks of the mind, he studied criminal psychology and got his practice license before signing up to become an agent. He joined an undercover task force and spent several years in cover before everything went sideways, his in-cover wife was killed and he was pulled out of the field. Later on, the FBI enlisted him as a criminal profiler to not let his degree go to waste.
by alimarije

Reolt Akesh

♂ He was always different, always the odd one in the bunch. The signs started early on but he was able to hide them for the most part. When his subjects turned from animals to humans his difference became so apparent that he learned to become socially acceptable. He grew up normally if you looked from afar, but close up the quirks and oddities started to pile up. As an adult, he made some mistakes and was caught for something unrelated to his murders, as a part of his punishment he became part of a "suicide squad" and started assassinating for the government.
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Lover of everything that is eternal and broken. Man of many names. Commonly known as the Bird God. Cast out of heaven for his mischievous and sometimes treacherous play; an annoyance to the gods. Among everything he knew, they took his immortality - but not his powers. His sister granted him a world of his own (Lasinco) and with his magic he made an immortal life out of the life of human (children). Has been playing God and King ever since.


Mohave Dereith He said I was the bastard child that got lucky enough not to grow up in a whorehouse. That I had to steal for him, lie for him, deceive for him - that was something I was supposed to take for granted. With the first opportunity I got, I left that place. I traveled far and wide, stole and sold whatever I needed to get what I want: things, words, lies. I backed down for nothing and no-one, and played whatever roll I had to. I was small and skinny, but I never failed to portray the ravenous woman as well as the scared child. I managed to move men and women alike, just not in the same way, and not for the same desires.

Aleena Akesh

Skyfire. Like her mother she is pale and silver; like her father she is deep, dark and dangerous. During a moonless night she is the stars - as well as the infinite darkness that lays beyond.

Nochnaya Akesh

Nochnaya translates to Night Star, and in this case he resembles a black hole. He is drawn to everything and pulls what he wants towards him with a magnetically charged personality. He is aloof, smooth, more prone to charm than coercion in order to tame others, and prefers the company of one to that of many. He has a balance from his mother though, a dreamer at heart with a soft side for those he grows to care about. He can be fiercely protective and defensive when he thinks someone is being taken advantage of. His abilities are a combination of light and electricity, naturally giving him a propoensity towards lightning manipulation.
by duskbeguile

Corinne Lvov

”She liked stars not because they were ‘pretty’, but because they were so small and forgotten, and she understood how that really felt.” The youngest sister of the Love family, she has always been protected and nurtured by her older siblings. She never had close blonds with her parents and instead became very close with her sister and brother growing up. She is perhaps the most happy of the three of them, though she is still afflicted by a certain sadness from time to time.
by duskbeguile

Satine Dereith

♀ The redhead is confident in her looks to the point of vanity. She is a perfectionist who is also secretly overly critical when it comes to herself, her appearance and her capabilities. She is power hungry and never settles for anything lower than her expectations and tends to overwork herself to continue projecting the perfect and kind woman that she isn’t.
by alimarije

Scenes to Write

Azar & Thor’s Origin Once upon a time a man angered a god with a lie and he got repaid with truth - in the form of two baby boys.

Baby Flight x E’ves (Horse AU) In which they both have baby wings, and cute big eyes and baby Flight is covered in snow Eves created.

Wild Wild West In a teasing, happy way begging Evan to go catch some wild mustangs. He already has his horse saddled, ready to go, and he just needs Evan to go with him.

Past lovers Vehicles Fingall working on one of his motorcycles (with one of his past lovers names), and Evan asking him (being his grumpy self) “why I ain’t got one”. Fingall looking up, all confused, and be like “???? I don't need a bike with your name on it, I am already right here with you”.


Personality & Attitudes

General You'd lose your mind trying to understand mine When he is on his best behaviour you could call Fingall a bit complicated to deal with. On his worst he is plain impossible. Overall, however, his rules are pretty straight forward. When you manage to stick to them, you can be sure you will never be the victim of misunderstanding that never existed in the first place. If you ask him, that is. Therefore, the first rule you should keep in mind is this: he does not like you - and he does not have the intention to get to like you. He does not know you and does not wish to get acquainted. Don’t even try and behave like you do know him. He will eat you alive. In his first twenty years Fingall has worn more masks than most people in an entire life. He is not interested in others; he only lives for the moment. He is not a nice person, but he can offer you a helping hand at any given moment. He can be the real gentleman, the nicest of smiles - and then, within a heartbeat his mood swings and he will be your killer; the one that shatters your heart. Whoever thinks to know him will hit a wall, rather sooner than later. He pushes everyone and everything out; tears off the mask and shows you another one. Call him Flight, Maskbearer, Wolf, Goldeye or Blackhair. Name him Waterfall by Moonlight, because you admire his beauty as much as his treacherous words. Love him, but don’t expect him to love you back. There is no one to lay a claim on him and you won’t be the one to hold him accountable for anything. He is weaving his web and climbing his mountain. He is the lone wolf; doesn’t like attention. He is not a friend, but accept his hand and you will be safe. For a day - then he will drop you. Accuse him, if you dare, but don’t expect an apology. You won’t receive any. Hate him, he does not care. You won’t touch his heart. He might look, but he doesn’t see you. Why are you even trying? Behind this mask there is nothing that he wishes to show to you - nothing you want to face. He can be a charmer; he can make you feel special, but that is exactly where broken hearts and hurt feelings origin from. It was never his intention to create something lasting. And if you would have asked, he would have told you so - but you neglected to do so, so now it is your cross to bear. He won’t take it from you, because he only was who he has always been. No matter how interchangeable his masks might be to you, he has always been truthful - and he will always remain honest. His opinion may be as whimsical as the weather, at least it is always genuine. For what it’s worth.

the Gentleman Fingall can be a highly attractive person with his eyes like liquid cold and his voice as warm and sweet as honey. At the spare moments he is thinking before he is acting, he can lure others easily into believing him. For, when he is controlling the storm inside his mind, he knows he is good looking; he knows what to say to make the people trust him. Deep inside, he knows how to be nice, but he got a hard time making it true. He can be the type to take you at a nice, candle-lighted dinner and wake you up with gentle music and a nice breakfast. When he feels like it, he is the one to open the doors for ladies and keep an umbrella above your head. He can be entertaining and really friendly, sometimes he is a real gentleman, but he is only waiting for the wind to change: sooner or later he will show his true nature, for he is as unpredictable as the weather.

the Predator This is probably the appearance which comes closest to Fingall’s real personality. Whenever you talk to him, whenever you watch him walking, you always see the wild, animal like instinct he keeps inside. It is giving him a grace which no human can live up to. However, it is not only making him beautiful, it is also making him very dangerous. It causes him to act before thinking, which might even result in seriously wounded victims. Because, like a mountain-lion, Fingall flights when his instinct tells him to run, but, also, he attacks when his instinct tells him to do so. For living with the grace of a predator, means acting like a predator: in the mind is only place for the now, there is no future nor consequences of the way you act. With another mind his body might be clumsy, but Fingall uses it with a deadly elegance: his attacks are swift and you hardly see them coming. His defenses are also good: sharp and quick he is able to ward off most of the danger. When this sphere is hanging over him, you better think twice before you come any closer. In his stormy eyes you can read the beauty and danger which come naturally with predators. Be sensible: mind your step, he is no fluffy pet you can stroke. He is the black panther who will froze for a second and then jump … to kill.

the Bird Don't be one of these fools who is thinking you can tame a lion-heart. You can't. You can lure him into staying by feeding him the most delicious food – gifts, or women, but as soon as he notices the, maybe even golden, cage you closed him into, he will flight. He is not the one to sell his heart to one certain place or person. The only thing he really desires is the one thing probably no lover ever can give him. Love means leaving a part of yourself within someone else, so you never can be free again - and what he desires most is to be free, to be truly able to fly. Maybe he will allow you to come close, but at some point he will shut you out and tell you it didn't mean a thing. He won't remember your name. So, for your own sake, be reasonable and stay way from this man: he is like a bird, he will only fly away.

the Storm If Fingall is on his best as a gentleman, than he is definitely on his worst when the storm is reigning in his head. At those moments he isn't listening at all. Sometimes you can even doubt the fact he is seeing you at all. He can be asking your name for the one moment and seconds later he will be annoyed because you are telling him what you are called like. On a whim he can dart away and disappear in the crowd – and probably never coming back again. He is wild and chaotic: charming and sexy the one moment, aggressive and dominant the other. When he is following his animal instincts, he is always dangerous, but when his mind is clouded by the storm, he can be friendly. What is making him even more dangerous, because you never know when his mood is going to change. Be always careful when he doesn't seem to listen to you: you never know when his mood is going to make a swing.

Inner Motives

an Issue of Name Well known as Flight, Fingall is the one to hide his name behind a charming smile and quick talk. Not to tell you what his name is, but to mention he is like the wind, and he loves to fly. You can call him Flight. Probably he will rush over you and you forget to ever ask about his name again. If you don't, if you ask again for his real name, he will tell you about reality being an illusion. A name should fit a person. Flight fits him, or, if you don't like Flight, you can call him Wolf, or Blackhair, or Fire-eye. Whatsoever. It doesn't matter how you will bring the question, he won't answer it with 'Fingall Akesh'. So have peace with any other name he will give you: it is all you will ever get.

the Wind Somehow Fingall got quite an obsession with the wind. Partly cause the ability to fly gives him the ultimate feeling of freedom, but mainly because he can identify himself with the features of this elements. Sometimes it is harsh and cold, sometimes warm and gentle. He might come out of nowhere and bring fragrances of whole new worlds with him – or thunderstorms with lots of rain. On the other hand he might drive away the clouds and give the sun the ability to shine, and in whatever shape he might come, he always stays the same. He is as well young as old, he changes, but after ages of time, he will still be what he has always been. Like Fingall can change his mask everyday, he will always be true to himself, no matter how erratic he might seem to be.

Cages Although Fingall might claim he isn't afraid of anything, he definitely doesn't like cages from whatever kind. It might be mental, as well as physical, but whenever he gets the idea something is closing in on him; he isn't free to fly any more, he panics. That is the main reason why he has to be to in control in relationships, and why he always needs an escaping route – which might be as simple as the key of the front door. A cage doesn't have to be small to be considered dangerous: introducing him to your friends as your boyfriend, might be enough to make him run. The idea to be bounded to someone, or something, is such an oppressing thought that he doesn't even want to think about it.

Listen Close Another thing which Fingall isn't quite able to deal with is the ability to listen to someone. Mostly he is thinking something like 'bla bla bla' and eventually he will say something that doesn't make the slightest sense – and probably he will be proud of his conclusion. When you catch him in a good mood, you probably will be able to make a normal conversation. This, however, won't give you any assurance that he will remember the conversation, or that he will forever listen to you. He might as easily decide again that you ain't worth any of his time anymore. Only the ones which have catched his genuine interest, will be able to talk with him over and over again. But this also isn't a guarantee that he will always listen, it is just slightly easier to convince him into listening.


0-5 y.o. Born with the given name ‘Fingall Akesh’, the young boy grows up in a warm and loving family. The home settled somewhere in a forest on a mountain, nearby a small village. Given few rules, he can wander away as much as he likes, his mother so connected with the surrounding forest, he is always quickly found. At the late, dark winter nights he is warming himself for the fire together with this twin-brother. Making stories together about the worlds they will once discover, when they will be older. Dizzy of the sleep, their mum brings them to their safe and warm beds, suddenly far away from the adventurous world outside.
One of young Fin’s first memories is a dream in which he is flying. Laced with magic that has slipped away from another world, he finds the power in himself to shape his own bones to the image in his mind. It is his attempt to shape wings, but he never manages to do more than break his own shoulder blades, and make his skin cry with red tears.

5 y.o. One morning, when he is feeding the jackdaws in the garden, an other boy approaches him. He is about 7-8 years older, with dark hair and pale eyes. The first sentence he speaks, is one the two of them will remember the rest of both their lives: ‘you like the little black birds, don’t you?’
In reality the boy is not a boy at all, but a banished god from another world. He lures boys, like Fin, to his kingdom to feed on their life’s energy. Because the kingdom is hidden outside time, the boys never die, but if they were to leave they would immediately perish in the real world.
Unaware of the price, and tempted by the promise of real wings, Fingall follows the stranger to his kingdom. Jackdaw, the god, keeps his word and grants Fingall the ability to shape his own wings at will.

5 y.o. ∞ It’s impossible to say how many time passes in a world where time stands still. Therefor no-one will ever really know how long the boy actually enjoys the world, before he grows restless and weary to go home.
Nevertheless, at some point, he decides it is time to leave and tricks the bird god into letting him go - almost destroying the entire kingdom in the process. Out of respect for young Fin, who beat him at his own game, Jackdaw grants him immortality. Therefor the boy, once returned to the real world, will not die.

5 - 12 y.o. Back in the real world, only a fraction of the time spent in the kingdom has passed: a couple of months at most. Although he gave his parents a big scare, they are familiar with the stories of those boys that disappear and never come back, and are grateful that young Fin is not one of them. He is, however, not the boy that left, and he finds no longer peace in being home. His wanderings from before grow longer, more restless. He is no longer tempered by bad weather of promises of darkness and dangers. His stay in the otherworldly kingdom has carved the man in the bones of the boy.

12 - 15 y.o. One morning he just packs his bags and leaves. It is not much he takes with him, there was never much to have. He is restless, and impulsive, but has a certain knowledge about the ways of the world that keep him surprisingly safe. In some strange paradoxical way, despite his temperament, he has a certain charm that attracts people to him. He gets things done most others can only dream of, but lacks the dedication to stay around and watch the results.
He picks up the basics of a variety of arts and crafts, and earns his fair share of money with being a jack-of-all-trades. On the rare moments he focused on achieving one skill or another, people actual like the golden-eyed boy. It is at moments like these, it is easy to forgot his impulsive temperament and stubborn behaviour. Until they will find the workshop abandoned and the boy long gone, without so much as a whisper of a warning.

15 y.o. One day, in another town, another nameless place, he runs into this girl by the name of Satine. She has the most beautiful red hair he has ever seen, and is utterly swept away by her. It is perhaps the first time (but, by and far, not the last) he is caught by the beauty of a person, and can think of no other desire than to be with her. The tension lasts one night, and soon enough after the sun rises, he has left again. He, however, is never fully ridden of his desire for the beautiful red-head. Little does he know he left her with more than just a memory of a passionate night.

15 - 19 y.o. The years that follow are not much different from the years before, with the main exception of a growing list of one-night stands. He leaves them all after that one night, not a few of them heartbroken. He never looks back, and rarely remembers their names. The years that pass become a blur of different memories, all meaningless names, faces, and places. Some stand out, for different reasons, but even then, he has a hard time remembering their names, other than the ones he gave them.

17 y.o. He is 17 when he first runs into a man that makes his world freeze for a moment. A man that reminds him of events of a long forgotten past. For this reason he names him ‘Eyes of Things Past’, but (without recognising he does so) also makes an effort of remembering the name ‘Evan Donoghue’. Fingall does not expect, or anticipate, he will ever see the man again, but he can’t shake the feeling of being attracted towards him. Unable to recognise anything real, he dives right back into the hurricane that is his life.

19 y.o. Two years later he, quite literally, finds himself on Evan’s doorstep. Set his mind on him, Fingall does everything in his power to gain what he desires. Only to leave, again, before the dawn sets in. Leaving behind an empty bed, hopes, and dreams.

19 - 22 y.o. What follows is a series of one-night-stands. Although he never stays, Fingall can’t quite keep himself from returning. Until, one night, when he slips out of the shared bed, he decides this strange spell Evan holds over him has to broken. In an, almost desperate, attempt to fly from his own feelings, he once more crosses the threshold between the real world, and the magic kingdom he has spent an entirety in.

22 y.o. ∞He is older now, but not much has changed. And even if it had, it didn’t matter. Jackdaw welcomes him with open arms. Fingall’s long-ago treachery might not be forgiven, but it is forgotten. Or, as the bird god says, he is rather betrayed than left alone. Forgiven he might be, he is only met with mockery when he claims he is not here in an attempt to run away from himself. Confronting him met a truth Fingall is not quite ready to face, Jackdaw presents him with two baby-boys. And even there and then, Fin knows what he is saying. Knowing from first hand experience Jackdaw’s kingdom is not the beautiful dreamworld he claims it is, Fingall takes the children back to the mortal world. Even in doing so, he knows that none of them has seen the last of the bird-god. Just as well as he knows that any gifts bestowed upon the children can as likely turn out to be a curse.

22-32 y.o. Not ready to live with the consequences of his actions, Fingall leaves the children with Evan and disappears yet into another night. He is neither ready, nor willing to face his feelings (or the real world, for that matter), and he dives right back into the only life he has ever know.

33 y.o. It takes him well over ten years to return to the Birchwood Ranch. Years which he spends partly in the mortal world, and partly in the timeless kingdom, pushing the counter well over that ten. When he finally returns to Evan’s home, his soul is much older than the ten years his body has aged - and he finds himself a long way from the boy he once was. Yet again, he is at the doorstep of a stranger with a familiar face. No longer, however, this stranger is the solemn reason for Fingall to be where he is. And Fingall is, in strange and unfamiliar ways, pleased to find both his son underneath the care of their loving father.


Human Appearance

His eyes Every thought that had been on his mind, every single thing he had ever felt. He all pushed it out. He let his eyes shine – blaze – with every secret, the whole lot of the things that should be, for any other human being, be unknown. It was all out in the open. Right there in his golden eyes.

Body The first thing you will notice when you see Flight, is his length: with his almost two meters, he reaches above practically everyone else. Although he might be muscular, he isn't really a giant of a guy, he isn't huge enough for that. You might think of the fact that somebody with such length in his body is quite clumsy, but this guy got the deadly elegance of a predator. He also got the same wild dark allure, combined with a stormy sphere surrounding him. The aura saying 'you better get out of my way if you don't have the guts to come any closer'. However, the ones who dared to come closer, would notice his brilliant eyes: sometimes the intense black of a very dark night, sometimes as sweet and gold as honey. But usually they were like smoldering coals: black with hot, shimmering golden dots.

Colours Typical for Flight is the winter palette: dark blue's, shades of grey and black, red and magenta. Most of the time he choose to wear pure black or white's and sometimes a bit of gold which matches his eyes perfectly. If he wears any green, it is a dark, forest-like tone. You will never catch him any pastel colours or something which is light and shiny. If he wears any jewellery, he hardly ever does, he chooses for gold, you will probably never catch him wearing silver.

Wardrobe Comfort is far more important than beauty, but that doesn't mean those things can't work out pretty well together. He prefers wearing comfortable jeans, mostly bleached blue, and simple blank shirts. He never closes the upper buttons, getting very nervous and claustrophobic when he does. Usually it gives him a nonchalant vibe, but in some situations it is inappropriate. Just like his habit not to wear shoes. If he does wear them he chooses for black sport shoes, but he prefers being barefooted. He doesn't wear any jewellery, no watch because he isn't attached to time and he knows other visible jewels will make him a possible victim of robbery. Most of the time he got some money with him, but not more than is necessary. He doesn't wear weapons of any kind, unless he uses magic.

Horse Shape

Breed arabian/friesian/shire mutt

Coat black, golden dots around his eyes, has a close to infinite number of barely visible (almost black) tattoos scattered over his entire body

Eyes vibrant, colour changes between gold and black

Mane & tail black, but with golden/smouldering golden roots

Wings black, with a couple of golden feathers (only visible from below)

Details can summon wings & control electricity


Base color is all black, with a golden/brownish hue to him during summer times. He has an andalusian build, with little to no feathering on the legs, and long manes and tail with a slight curly structure to them. He has a set of giant wings and the ability to hide them at will. His eyes are liquid shade of gold, but can shift in color to jet black and any shade in between. Underneath his eyes he has a row of small golden dots tattooed.

His coat is short, and interrupted by endless/infinite (black) tattooed patterns - not much unlike celtic knots. From a distance they are quite hard to notice, but once seen they are impossible to unsee. There are no real images to them, just lines on lines on lines (luring the eye and deceiving the mind) except for a couple of small wings on his shoulder blades. Those are only visible when his wings are hidden and stand out in shape as well as color: created with gold/metal-ink. During the so called 'golden hours' of the day, when his body is touched by direct sunlight, his tattoos are shimmering and burning like bright cinders, softly crackling like lightning - seemingly alive. They are not hot to the touch, but you expect them to be. Since Flight is a bit of a showoff by nature, he never attempts to hide his tattoos and he makes it a sport of sorts to be outside in daylight during those hours.

On a first glance, his mane and tail seem to be all black, but once put up and the roots are revealed, they turn out to be as shimmering and burning as his tattoos can be. Not just during the golden hours, but whenever revealed. He usually puts his mane partly up (from behind his ears to halfway his neck) and braids it to reveal the burning color; leaving cinders falling down his neck. He has a passion for golden rings/bands and jewellery, fitting his eyes and arrogance. His tail-hairstyle is much simpler and usually only contains one or two small braids with some golden rings/bands halfway through and at the end again.

Skills & Abilities

a Touch of the Sky In his oldest dream he is flying. Flying with big, black wings. The young Fingall could feel the caress of the wind, the rustling and vibrating of his feathers, long for he was able to summon them, maybe even before he was able to walk. When you have a dream like that, when you wake up one morning and you can still feel the weight of those wings, you know you are born to fly. It is not just something you wanted, it is not something you needed. It is more like you will no longer able to live when you can't have it. Now, summoning wings, isn't something you will learn overnight, or even in a few months. You will have to create something out of nothing: it is against the laws of the universe. For years Fingall lied awake at night, dieing of the pain. For every time he tried to create his wings, he would tear away the skin of his back and reshape his shoulder-blades and -bones until they would break. It took him until his early teens to realize it is utterly impossible to create something out of nothing. If he wanted his wings, he should create them out of his own body … or he should find a way to summon them from somewhere else. Nearly weeks later he got the two, black wings tattoo on his shoulder-blades. It was his sign of surrender … to realize at the same night, that if you can't create something out of nothing, you might still be able to create something very big out of something very small. Impatiently he waited for the tattoo to heal, to start, as soon as possible, with his new experiment: letting his wings grow out of the small black lines on his back. And it worked. Well you couldn't name the very small feathers at the start 'wings', but with practice he grow better. It took him years to learn how to grow the wings big and strong enough – and even more time to let them appear and disappear quickly and smoothly, but once again he showed how dedicated he could be to something he really believed in. And now, after almost a quart century of practicing, thinking, failing and trying again, he is perfectly able to summon and use those beautiful feathered, big black wings. The only limitation he has left is his own energy: like every other action it asks a certain effort of him and after hours of flying he will, naturally, tire. He can float on the wind, but he knows he is not unconquerable and if he won't take care of himself he will eventually crash down.

if Lightning strikes His other magical ability is his capability to cause thunder storms. Electricity has always been in his hands and he would leak it a lot when he was young. Literally shocking others around him. With time he learned how to put the energy away and not, unwillingly, project it on others. Nevertheless, he did never forget the use of this possibility and during his travels he used it to shock off thieves and other undesirable visitors. An other side of this magic gift was the possibility to summon thunderstorms and lightning. However, it took him till his late teens to discover he was able to partly control the weather. Since then he is practicing to refine this gift so he is not only able to summon a thunderstorm, but also to control it's size, direction and moment of vanish. Combined with his ability to summon wings, it can make him a true fallen angel: just imagine him with his black wings against the fierce light of the thunder, drown with the rain.

Additional Information


Likes fast motorcycles and dreamcatchers

Dislikes stability, predictability, absolute quiet

Passions flying; his wings

Pets a black stallion by the name of Widowmaker

Skills languages, driving motorcycles, flying, summoning thunderstorms, charming people


Motorcycles Fingall got various motorcycles, all named after his (past) lovers. His two favourites are probably the Kawasaki Ninja H2R (with a topspeed of nearly 250 mph / 400 km/h) and a heavily customised Harley Softail Slim.

Cars Although he prefers one of his motorcycles to ride on, Fingall is also in the possession of a Jeep Wrangler, because you never know when you need to go to more deserted places. Just like all his other vehicles the car is matte black with golden details.

Random Facts

  1. His full (human)name is ‘Fingall Akesh’, commonly known as Flight (his horsename), but just as he likes to give names to others, he himself wears any name he likes at that particular moment. Don’t think he will listen when you call him, though, he hardly ever remembers any of the names he gave himself - let alone he will remember yours.
  2. If I would have to put his whole character in one sentence I would say he is a wanderer, son of a gladiator (Avareth) and a dreamer (Myou) not bound by this world or its people.
  3. Although he is prone for forgetting everything, that is not what he exactly does: he usually doesn’t care enough to give things (mostly: you) a place in his head. He has gathered a lot of different skills through the years and if he has once been there he can directly return to almost any place. So it is better to describe his memory as (very very) selective than him being forgetful.
  4. His attention span is incredibly short and he is very restless. He doesn’t stay in places, and doesn’t bind with people. If he wants something, he goes and gets it. He doesn’t care about wrecking homes, places, families. And in this sense a something could as well be a someone.
  5. Although he has never met someone he will stay with (I am not even sure if he is capable of love that way), he has enough feelings for both Satine and E'vesdar to never forget them entirely. Someday he could just turn up at their doorstep to demand their attention.
  6. The person who probably gave him some sense of humanity was the small Hazelaar/Hazel Rah. Although he didn’t know it at the time, he now realizes (over the passing of ages) he still loves her (in a non-romantical way)
  7. He has five children: Mohave (by Satine), the twins Azar and Thor (by E'vesdar) and the twins Aleena and Nochnaya (by Corinne)
  8. He as actually matured a lot since the day I first designed / wrote him (I think that was in 2006). He has calmed down a bit and gained some responsibility.
  9. If he has been dedicated to one thing in his life, it are his wings. His first dream was one about flying, so he spend his youth trying to create them out of bare bone. Eventually he succeeded (you can read the full story in his bio). When he doesn’t show is black, big wings, you can see to small winged tattoos on his shoulder blades.
  10. His other magical power is the controlling of electricity. He developed this in his late teenage years / early twenties and spend an other decade or two the perfect it. He can shock people of his body, but he can also control thunderstorms.
  11. In the northern lands he is founder of the Devil's Riders who pretty much rained down holy hell upon the lands.
  12. As reward for their friendship and their mutual respect, Jackdaw granted him immortality. It is something that suits Flight quite well, as he doesn't have the same judgement of the world as mortals do, or the same connection with it.
  13. He has a certain weakness for (fast) motorcycles and dream catchers. He loves the ocean, especially the waves - and thunderstorms. The great forces of nature, anything that is bigger than himself, has a certain attraction to him.