Full name Mohave Dereith

Alias Foxy

Nicknames Momo, Stray-kitten, little fox

Gender female

Birth late autumn (scorpio)

Universe modern wild west


occupation part of the Rockwell Boys

current location modern wild west

relationship-status single

family Fingall & Satine (parents)

Keywords fire-eye, skin and bones, manipulator, mistress, stray-kitten, porcelain skin and a soul of steel, everything you ever wanted


Jack D. Wickham

♂ Too handsome and smart-mouthed for his own good. Some people are just born wicked. He is a charmer; has this sweet-talking tongue that reels people in. Everyone knows trouble follows in his wake, but they are drawn to him like moths to a flame. Jack is laid-back in nature, always in for good fun. It takes a lot to provoke him, but once provoked he can be extremely cruel in his retaliation.

Dale 'Dimi' Rockwell

♂ Born in another part of the world underneath the name Vladimir Dimish, young Dimi already has travelled more than most people in a whole lifetime. He has been raised with a hard hand, and sent away from his parents at a young age. He is trained to survive, and even thrive, in the most difficult of circumstances. He can be charismatic, alluring, with this whole bunch of amazing stories he has to tell. Places he has seen, people he has met. The real Vladimir, however, stays hidden behind a carefully crafted facade. His life as leader of the Rockwell Boys is just another mask he wears all too well.

Fingall ‘Flight’ Akesh

♂ Born as human, raised himself through the ages to the status of half-god. Considered to be immortal. Son of wanderers, and no stranger to the world himself. Grew up in a warm and loving family. Dreamed of flying before he could walk. Almost killed himself, several times, by trying to make this dream come true. When he could walk, he wandered off constantly, into the plains, the forests, and old villages. Got lost multiple times, but got never discouraged. Roamed the world ever since his early teens. Fathered at least five children by three different people. Had multiple lovers, men as well as women. Probably has some kind of multiple personality disorder causing his very erratic behaviour. Is however, always true to his true self. Whatever that may be. Spends now most his time working on a ranch, annoying a certain cowboy. Until he will soar on the wind to some other place and time.

Satine Dereith

♀ The redhead is confident in her looks to the point of vanity. She is a perfectionist who is also secretly overly critical when it comes to herself, her appearance and her capabilities. She is power hungry and never settles for anything lower than her expectations and tends to overwork herself to continue projecting the perfect and kind woman that she isn’t.
by alimarije

Skills & Abilities


Some skills shouldn't be spoken of and this is definitely one of them. However, as the facts are, little Mohave makes a great thief of small things. This can be simple things as food or purses which she snatches away with the same easy as the sun conceals the stars at day. However, sometimes she is lured by the shinings of bigger things, such as expensive jewellery. Although the risks might be greater, she knows the payments are too. Thus, as the magpie in the stories, she usually takes great risks, tempted by nothing more than faint shimmering of distant jewels. But small thieves are not made for such great thievery and it wouldn't be the first time this little fox has bought itself nothing more than quite a lashing.


In a world and time like this, there are very few people who can read the stars, but Mohave is among them. She doesn't know their names or where they came from, but she know how to find her way at night and she knows how the sky changes with the seasons. Where most people will be blinded by the dark, the little fox will look upon the heavens above for she knows the galaxy will guide her. How lost she might be, at night an almost magical map will reveal his secrets to her and she will happily use it to find her way.


Human appearance

At first sight Mohave is one you would overlook easily. As a stray cat she roams the streets, and she got about the same look, the same hair and the same changeable aura. Sometimes cute and touchable, mostly distant and easily provoked. The girl is very skinny, ribs - or bones in general - easily counted. She could be considered beautiful, if she wouldn't be so shabby. Stunningly red golden eyes with a fierce, wild look. Lots and lots of auburn, reddish hair, which happens most of the time to be literally everywhere. Got the same, wild and deadly elegance surrounding her as her father. Quick, gracious movements. Over all a tiny young girl with the attitude and allure of a grown woman.


She loves the colours of the fox: the reds and oranges, but as those don't match very well with her auburn hair, she doesn't wear them. Unless you count the rubies in her jewellery of gold. Instead she chooses earthy colours: soft brown and greens, with some nude tones. Efficient in their inconspicuousness.


Her general wear is preferably nothing, but as practice and purpose go hand in hand, she wears usually short and simple dresses. Plain jeans and cropped tops. If she would ever grown up to be a lady, she might consider changing clothes, but being nothing but a child of the streets, she dresses like she is ranked: poorly. She has some beautiful and expensive jewellery, but never shows this in public, unless she has to do what she can do best: deceive a man's heart. Only when the situation requires it, this young lady takes the time to consider what to wear and how to wear it. Otherwise she considers cheap to be good enough.


I do not remember much of my youth, if anything at all. I have never known my parents. The man that had bought me told me she was a whore, and he one of her customers. So I was the bastard child that got lucky enough not to grow up in a whorehouse. That I had to steal for him, lie for him, deceive for him - that was something I was supposed to take for granted.

I never took anything for granted, not with what I have gotten so far. So with the first opportunity I got, I left that place. Never to turn back. I traveled far and wide, stole and sold whatever I needed to get what I want: things, words, lies. I backed down for nothing and no-one, and played whatever roll I had to. I was small and skinny, but I never failed to portray the ravenous woman as well as the scared child. I managed to move men and women alike, just not in the same way, and not for the same desires.

Early years

Growing up in a world where she had learned to use her body to get anything done from men – usually the more powerful they were the more willingly they turned out to be persuaded – she had never had much self-respect. She was confident in the way she had been pretty: skin to bones. It was more attitude, and cockiness than anything else.

She had not so much sold her body as she had sold her soul. It had been an empty life, but, somehow, she had never really felt lonely. She had always been capable of making it from day to day. On the really bad days, the leader of a local gang had provided her with the things she needed – protected her even. He had never, ever, approved of her behaving, not in words, nor in deeds, but during the worst of winters he had looked out for her.

At the very least she did own him for that.