“Maeve: his restless warrior, so different she was from her star-gazing sister. Her mind a blaze, but never peaceful enough to create anything but fire. Well, she had made quite a profession out of that, hadn’t she? She was both feared and admired throughout his kingdom, for both her sharp tongue and the flames she could create with her touch. The cubs, they looked up to her. By Ua, she had managed to gather all those filthy wildlings and somehow shape them into a small army. Whenever he would send her out to the human world, she could - and would - rain holy hell down upon these lands.”


Full name Maeve

Nicknames the Eyetaker, Shadow-eyes

Aliases Lilith, Jezebel, Delilah, Medea, Eris

Gender female

Universe northern lands, kingdom of gold


occupation leader of the Devil’s Riders, pawn of a vicious green dragon

current location thieves’ hide-out, northern lands, kingdom of gold

Pets Raxx, a tiny green dragon (might or might not be a fairydragon)


Hides in plain sight. A charmer, a sweet-talker. Deduces and seduces. The Gypsy King. Has learn to trust nobody, but does answer to some kind of honour code (‘spare the children’ could be one of her rules). There are borders she will not cross. Very manipulative. Default counter question is: what is in it for you?

She always had a knack for figuring out how people worked, what they desired - that's after all how she survived growing up among people where she didn't belong. But her true gift developed as she traveled the world and started to notice that it does not matter what people desire. The only thing that matters is what you make them desire. Brought the right way, humans will believe nearly anything.

She started to tell the world about this great dragon, tricking adventurers to his lair to be killed. Somewhere along the road the stories became more than a need to survive. She started to fell in love with the trickery - and with that with the dragon. Sensing her developing loyalty the dragon started to teach her more of his tricks. In the outer world her skills for deceit also didn't go unnoticed; she got offered various jobs. It started with finding out secrets and stealing various items during brought daylight. However somewhere along the way she found herself to be turned into a skilled assassin. She is a charmer, a sweet-talker, she uses her felinity femininity to get close and her ruthlessness, taught by the green dragon, to make the kill.


Thieves’ leader

She wears her hair like it's a crown; she'll hold the leash, good dogs stay down. A crown of ginger hair and blazing eyes of gold. She who can command the fires that burn down the woods. A tongue sharp enough to cut through all of your pride. Clothed in fur and bones, painted in ash and white warpaint. For all the things she doesn’t know, for all the things she cannot be and all the masks she doesn’t wear, there is one thing this fierce warrior knows how to do well: strike terror in the heart of men.

Heir to a throne set by a bird god in another world, Maeve knows like no other that the stakes are ever high. She has to rule like she is indestructible, or someone will, inevitably, find the cracks in her armour. Thus, all what the outside will ever see are those horns made of bone and eyes filled with fire. She does not speak a lot; somewhere along the road she has learned it is better to keep quiet. But, oh, all she needs is one look to silence a whole room, to make men twice her size keep their tongue in check. And she knows it. She knows it.

Devil’s Rider

Once her father created an army of monsters and he raised them to rain down hell upon the Northern lands. When he left and she inherited his throne, not by their shared blood, but by the mercy of the only king he ever recognised, the first thing she became was part of this clan of devils. When the new moon sets, and the night is clothed in dark, they ride out. They remind the villagers that in the North, recognised or not, there is only one true king and that, when it comes to it, all others shall kneel before him. They remind them that the Bird King has his own army of hell hounds and that there is no escaping from their wrath. Officially there is no such a thing as the true King from the Northern Plate, but as long as these children of the devil ride, there will be no ruler daring enough to try and divide the lands.

Skills & Abilities

Fire starting

As fire is nothing more than very fast moving energy, Maeve is capable of creating it with solemnly body heat and a fair share of concentration. The easiest way is to rub her hands and let the fire explode from her palms. However, recently the girl found out she can also influence her direct surroundings. She could fire up a small source and cause an entire forest to burn. In contrary to use her own body as source, this takes far more concentration on her side, although she can manage bigger and more dangerous fires. She might have found out as much, she still has a lot of practice to do, to control this specific part of her gift.


“I used to be a pickpocket and a thief for a long time. I have stolen the key to many treasure room, straight from a man's hand. I have to admit: sneaking in through a window feels good, but never as good as walking in right through the front-door. I love front-doors: they are so obvious, so painful. I can open nearly any lock and dismantle a great deal of traps.”


I am born in my mother’s hometown, daughter to a father I never met. Growing up, I taught myself how to fit in, but I did never belong. One day in my early teens a merchant traveled through town and I just went with him - leaving everything behind.

The merchant taught me his trade: how to sell stories, instead of goods; how people, when played the right way, will believe - and buy - nearly anything; how to require the goods that are not for sale - and how to forge the ones that are in short supply. He might not have been a honest man, but he made a good mentor. Not as good, though, as the dragon that decided to use him as a toothpick.

We stumbled upon the territory of this green dragon by accident - traveling through the forest that belonged to him. The dragon, I would learn to get to know him as Mordred the Green, played with us for a while. Like all green dragons he had a way of getting through to you, to dig up your darkest fears. My mentor made the mistake of thinking he could defeat him by trickery - I made the decision to sacrifice my mentor in the hope to save my own hide. Perhaps I was just lucky, perhaps he had a good day, but Mordred decided to spare me. Our bound was breakable at first, but grew strong and solid over the years. What started with mutually teaching skills, has now grown into a powerful pact - overflowing with both magic as well as dark and treacherous dreams.

With Mordred’s words and thoughts crafted into my heart, I am traveling the world, known under many names (Lilith, Jezebel, Delilah, Medea, and Eris, among others). The stories I tell and the songs I sing, however, are always the same: it’s Mordred’s lullaby, music moulded and shaped to lure you to this dragon’s lair. One should be reminded that not all that shines is gold, but I have a way of selling things you did not know you desired - and a knack for finding everything you were craving for.