“You got your mother’s hair, but those eyes, ohh, how do they burn like fire. I wonder if you got them from your father.” Dark, intense, seductive and attractive, lives a high paced life with deep lows and intense highs. Smouldering, beautiful, destructive. Cuts her wrists and mind, just to see if she can bleed. Needs the pain to make sure she is still alive. Plays with your reality, like drugs, yet better. Has lots and lots of sexual partners, but no real connections. Is afraid of the monsters that hide in the light. Adrenaline junkie.


full name Ren Ryder

nicknames Cherry

gender female

zodiac aries

universe modern wild west

keywords insomniac, apocalyptic, burning, dark, intense, seductive attractive, smouldering, destructive


current activities throwing trash parties with Thor; fighting in the ring with Cameron; dancing with Ruby

current location metropolitan, modern wild west

relationship-status flirting with Thor

friends phoenix siblings (ruby, cameron, quinn), jamie


Impulsive, almost feral, yet with a certain amount of grace. Usually good in social situations, but extremely self-destructive. Always on the road, and on the run. Rarely sleeps, and never in her own bed. Likes heels, spikes and red lipstick. Has seen angels and demons; knows all hide in the human-world. Stunning eyes, quick wit and a sharp tongue. ‘Clever as the devil and twice as pretty.’

Ren lives in a constant storm of emotions, and is continuously acting upon them. Despite her being rash and impulsive by nature, she does struggle with this side of herself. She is well aware what the darkness inside her own mind can cause others. Being the way she is, she has a gift for hiding away from reality, and she has a hard time resisting the pull of mind-enhancing drugs.

Due to her high-paced life she usually distances herself from others. However, drowning herself in the emotions of others, gives her a release of her own. It's why she is attracted to the people that are considered to be dangerous: the more stable and balanced a person is, the more restless she grows. Eventually always ending up either imploding or exploding. Needless to say that no relationship ever lasts.


Horse Shape

She has vibrant blue eyes, white hair with darker ends, and a short, dark coat. Usually her coat appears to be black, but during night times it shines with vibrant blues, reds and pinks. She is not exactly glowing with these neon like colours, but even in the dark they are hard to miss.
Design and art by alimarije


Thor Donoghue

♂ He had born as a soft boy, full of hope and light; his Italian a running book full of gentle pauses and ellipses, thoughtful lashes between tongue and word. Soft eyes, soft hands, why didn’t he emerge with armor? Why was he doomed to be vulnerable? Battleworn, hard as iron, and wearing his scars on his sleeve, Thor’s life is and has been every morsel of assumption that others have made from first sight: sharp, bitter, and full of an acute, ragged desolation.
by alimarije

Ruby Phoenix

♀ Trashy and wild. Lollipops, leather jackets and coca cola cans. After Quinn’s alleged death, she goes wherever Cameron goes, and fights whoever he fights. She is loud, with a smart mouth and quick wit. She doesn’t always think before she speaks, and she is not afraid to pick a fight with guys twice her size. Like her brothers she has a taste for trouble, and she is the first to break any set rules. “Unless I can use it to take your eyes out, lipstick has not proven useful at all.”

Cameron Roy Phoenix

♂ “He doesn't look like much, does he? He is neither really strong, nor exceptionally fast, but he has this feral brutality to his fighting. He lacks any sense of self perseverance. That's what makes him dangerous. You think you have knocked him out cold and somehow he manages to get back up again. He doesn't know how to properly answer to the phrase 'do you have enough?' Other than 'no', that is. We are all waiting for the fight that will kill him, but he has been lucky so far.”

Quinn Phoenix

♂ He used to work as a government asset for a black-ops organisation. He was, so to say, the guy that killed the bad guys. Now he is, in his own words, just “the guy that kills other guys”.

Jamie Cortes

♀ Jamie is nothing but a ghost. Born and raised to maintain and rule a criminal empire, she does not exist on paper. Her family, who had her future all figured out from the day she was born, got smoothly outplayed when she took over this same empire before even reaching her twenties. For Jamie life is all about business. There is very little room left for things as happiness and love.

Scenes to write

everything Ren x Thor thieves of small stuff / a gas station robbery / travelling the world with a backpack / everything smoke, cigarette, leather jackets, and illegal schemes / steal a pickup truck, sleep in the back / steal some horses, ride like hell

fight like the devil that one fight with Cameron, where she finally managed to lure him into the ring and beat the hell out of him.

devil’s cherry flirting / kissing with Ruby, not because she is interested in her (not like that), but to catch her brothers’ eye. Quinn’s because he intrigues her, Cameron’s because she is craving to fight him

Additional Information

Random Facts

  1. Ren is my favourite ball of rage. Like I once wrote down for her: ‘you are so angry all the time, you cannot hold onto anything, because everything you touch burns’. This still holds true and I love this about her.
  2. She may be angry, but she is not heartless. She just doesn’t know how to deal with her emotions in another way than to cause conflict; to scream, to hit, to rage. She does not necessarily break things on purpose, it just happens when she is around them.
  3. I juggled around with her storyline A LOT. She started off as a female-counter part of Flight, but is now a standalone character by the name of Ryder, lover of Thor. Placed in the modern area, there are storylines where she has magic, but currently I don’t really see her with any. She has grown up with the Phoenix siblings and might or might not be acquainted with Jamie Cortes. In any storyline she makes quite a skilled fighter; she knows how to handle herself around knifes and how to deal proper blows. In some storylines she can and will shoot guns, although she will always prefer physical contact over the distance.


Broken lips and motorcycles. Spikes, leather jackets, loose hair, bruised skin and wild dogs. Neon lights: red, blues and hot pink. Knifes, sparks and thunder lights. Lace, heels, lighters, burning skies. Bordeaux and magenta. Chaos, darkness, wet and sticky hair. Broken lollypops and pomegranates. Blood and bandages over bruised knuckles. “Nothing is worth something unless you have fought for it.”