Sterre Myst

Smart, loud, loyal. Sarcastic, hard, cold. Reason before feelings. Tendency to be judgmental. Manipulative. Doesn’t bow for anyone. Stubborn. Highly intelligent with great magical skill. Will lead an empire one day, but will kill her friends over it. "I will be wild. I will be brutal. I will encircle you and conquer you. I will be more powerful than your boats and your swords and your blood lust. I will be inevitable."


full name Sterre Myst (alt. Cressida Myst)

nicknames Ster (alt. Cress, Cresse, Crescent)

gender female

born autumn, southern lands

universe kingdom of gold

keywords intelligent and ambitious, loud, judgmental, sarcastic, manipulative, cold, stubborn, reason before feelings


current location the city of gold

current activities quarrelling with River about how to rule an empire

rank empress

partner married to the Night King

family Sky (older brother), Melody (younger sister)

friends Storm, Kas


The Night King

River Donyrr. Born underneath the prophecy that he would rule an empire one day, one could suggest River’s life and destiny was an easy one. After all, from the outside, great things always seem to come for free. Very few do know the effort and pain he put himself through in order to gain the things he has now. He rules an empire from which the borders are unseen; his powers are unchallenged, but there is nothing either in or outside the borders of his empire that can still the yearning of his ever hungry soul.

Storm Wyos

♂ Dog of war. Born and raised a warrior. Can be perfectly silent, yet incredibly loud at the same time. Loyal. Filled up with sarcasm. Harsh and honest. Stubborn and proud. Mocks the gullibility of the world, but deeply regrets the loss of innocence in the same way. Stands for nothing; will kneel for no man. Yet, never stops fighting for the same empty believes. 'Beware for the man who has nothing to lose. For he has only to gain.'

Kas von Deal

♂ All his life Kas has been faithful to the (future) emperor. River recruited him in his early teenage years and Kas has been working for him ever since. Unlike the other members of Sterre’s (former) friend-group, he has never had any doubts about where his alliances or his future lay. Despite being powerful, he has a way of making himself invisible; making him an important asset to River’s army.

Sky Myst

♂ For some time he used to be closest friend of the would-to-be-Emperor, but with great destiny comes great loneliness and, as he found out, great darkness. It was a darkness he wished to be no part off and at a certain point he cut of the bound between the two of them. Despite stepping away from River he never refrained from trying to safe Sterre from the same Emperor - a destiny he never was meant to fulfil.

Melody Myst

♀ With an older brother who could easily rule the world, and an older sister to defy all the rules, Melody has always fought to gain the admiration of her parents. To them she always was, way more than her siblings ever could be, the perfect child. To Sterre she was an annoyance easily brushed over. Amongst all what she was and what she should be, Melody is trying to shape a personality she takes pride in - and a skin she can wear to make her happy.

Channah Hayden

♀ One could argue the world is not divided in good and evil. Maybe such a thought is true, maybe it isn’t, but in Channah’s perception you are either wrong or right. Usually easy going and light hearted, the cheerful red-head is one to get along with many. But like the War corrupted the lands, it also burned her soul - and what used to be sweet, has now a bitter aftertaste.

Lyona N’fenn

♀ With her silver hair and ocean coloured eyes, Lyona is as close to the nymphs as you will ever find them. She has a delightful voice and is a blaze of light in an ever dark world. Despite coming of as fragile she has a very strong and outspoken personality and she will neither backdown or give up when she has put her mind to something: “But even if we cannot change the future, even if we cannot win, it would never keep us from trying.”

Seth Ravenhill

♂ He could have been great. He could have ruled a kingdom, an empire, perhaps an entire world. He could have been the love of her life, the center of her universe. He could have been, but he is the kind of humble man that never would accept a crown. She was the kind of ambitious woman that would never for reach anything less than the stars. His achievements could have been great, but he rather picked the peaceful unknown of a quiet life. The price? Letting go of the girl he always hoped to grow old with.


Channah Hayden former friend She was the one to keep her grounded, force her head out of the air and show her: life in the dirt can be pretty awesome too. Not to forget that’s easier, way easier. But Sterre was never made for easy, and it was not a friendship that could last.

Kas von Deall friend Kas is the only one to have been both at the same side as on the same line as Sterre was. Unlike most other persons in her life (if not all), they never conflicted and they both remained quite good and loyal friends through the years.

Lyona N’Fenn former friend Both Lyona and Sterre knew from the start that their paths were never meant to be aligned. But that didn’t keep them from trying to fight for their friendship as long as they could. To certain degree, and even with a war between them, the mutual respect and love always remained.

Melody Myst younger sister The relation between the two sisters has always been difficult. Melody always admired Sterre for her independency, in the same way as Sterre admired Melody for being the perfect daughter she never could be. It was the same thing that fed the distrust and anger between.

River Donyrr husband The Night King. Complicated, layered and very - very - explosive. Their love has always had too many sides to be properly judged. If they could belong to no-one, they still would belong together. They both use and abuse each other to satisfy their selfish, always hungry, needs.

Seth Ravenhill (former) lover They started off as friends, but ended up in a romance that was never meant to last. In another place and time they could have been soulmates, but the universe already had her destined for greater things - and he is the kind of humble man that would never accept a crown. ‘The one that got away’.

Sky Myst older brother For quite some time Sky had been the one that Sterre cared most for in the world. That was, of course, before River drove them apart and Sky decided he rather not be on the same side as his sister and his formal best friend.

Storm Wyoss friend Both too smart mouthed and too head strong, they never could be friends. But somewhere, through a war or two, they both changed and mutual respect grew. Now he is the one that understands her best and leaves her with the kind of loyalty she can never repay.


relation with River Her relationship with River is deep, but painful, complicated. Layered in every sense of the word. They are having a continuously ongoing battle about everything. Not only about the one that is in charge, or how about they should rule the Empire, but also about how they should love each other, or what they should wear, or what to have for dinner tonight. Everything between them is a challenge, always. Nothing ever comes easy - and yet, they will always pick one another above everybody else. Like Sterre once pointed out: “We wanted the world and we wanted each other - and we needed both things to achieve either goal. The one was inherent on the other and we always, in some kind of psychedelic circle, hunted both.”


Sterre Myst, no second creature in the world like her. With thunder in her heart and a will strong enough to move heaven and earth, the things she cannot accomplish are few and widely scattered. From day to day she is the person a lot of people wish to be: as close to perfection as they may come. In reality it is a glass mirror that is easily shattered. Egoistic, arrogant and hard-headed by nature she is not one easy to deal with. She is continuously pushing her own limits and crossing the borders of others, always and ever trying to get just the slightest bit of more. Manipulating the world and shaping it to her desires, she has a very hard time handling the same treatment; pride always being her way. She knows what it feels like to be loved and admired, and is heavily addicted to this feeling, but she doesn’t seem capable to offer others the same. She is not the one to let go of her heart and lose herself in someone else. A balanced relationship, romantically or platonic, is not the thing she is cut out for. Or perhaps, she is not cut out for balancing things in general. In a conversation you listen when she talks; you agree with whatever words that leave her lips. If you find the courage to speak up you will be greeted with a disdainful glare and a scornful sound. She can be as loving and devoting as a young kitten, but never make the mistake to forget about her claws: her attack will be ruthless.

Sterre is the kind of person that walks into a room and demands everyone's attention. The one that always has to say something about anything; always interfering. Somebody who will defend her friends with everything she has, and will never give up fighting her enemies until they are either dead or turned. She is the kind of person you have to cherish and love, even when it feels like you never get anything back for all that you are giving. Dealing with her is like swimming in a river: you go with the flow and everything turns out pretty amazing. But beware when you think you are the one to turn the tide: she will drown you. After all she is the one to shake her head in disapproval when everyone votes in favour. She will cause the storm, turn around and coolly walk away - leaving the mess for someone else to clean. She needs a lot and takes even more, without ever giving anything back. Not because she does not like you, not even because she is not grateful. No, just because there is only one thing with meaning in her universe: and that’s her. Her solid focus is on the building of her empire, because there is not a world in the galaxy where she would not end up being queen. Ambitious is not just a word that is written for her. She is the one that invented it.

Despite her temperament Sterre does need people in her life, ones that she can truly trust. Even though she can never love them as properly as they love her, she will give nearly anything to protect them; keep them safe. Just don’t come bothering her with your meaningless sorrows when her focus is on the bigger things of the world - like shaping an empire or waging a war. If it is love you are looking for, Sterre is not the one pair up with. However, when you want to learn how to dream big, to cross the borders you never even glanced upon, there is no better teacher you could wish for. Because Sterre knows: the sky is not the limit, that is merely where all the fun begins.



body long and slender

hair waist-lengthed, dark blonde, ringlet curls

eyes dark shade of emerald green

skin fair (slightly tanned)

length 1.78 meters

like a queen Even though Sterre prefers practical above beautiful, she has to recognise that beauty has it’s practical purposes - and it pays off to dress up nicely. The more nicely, the better. That’s why, to most everyday occasions, you will only see her in one of her fancy dresses. It can be either deep, bordeaux red, or emerald green, lined with gold, but long elegant dresses it are. Like Azar once pointed out: she has a way to dress in gold. Not only the clothes she wears, but also her eyes, her skin and especially her jewellery (of course) is always softly shining and shimmering. Sterre is magnetic a person enough to make everybody’s head turn when she walks into a room, but that’s not the kind of thing that a person like her will ever leave to faith. No, shining is one of the things she does well - and just leave it to her to do it outstandingly well.

Additional Information

Random Facts

  1. Born and grown up in the desert, with his golden hair, the little fennec fox resembles the empress in more than one way. She is not a shape-shifter, but if she would have had an animal shape, it would have been this desert creature.