‘What are you doing, my little princes?’
‘Spinning. If I spin fast enough maybe the candles will catch flame themselves, or maybe the wind will pick me up and take me away. Or this house will turn into a palace and the rooms will be stacked up with all kinds of magic. Or -’ He hushed her by putting a finger against her lips.
‘You are such a wondrous little creature, I would hate to miss all that magic inside of you when you would set it loose into the world.’ She bit his finger, hard, and threw her head back; her lime eyes twinkling in the dark, laughter escaping her mouth.
‘No. You would love it. You love everything that is magical and wondrous and you would love to share it with me and yourself and the world. If you actually could dance, you would love that too, because than you would finally see the magic that hides there too.’


Full Name Wolf Elena Donoghue

Nicknames Wolfy

Horse-name Wolfsmelk

Gender female

Universe modern wild west


currently playing with her cats

home Floreale Estate

holiday home Birchwood Ranch

Pets Hypnos & Morpheus (cats)


A schizophrenic child, hiding in her world of dreams. Has an excellent night vision, but pays with almost complete blindness during the day. When the sun starts his path along the sky, she seeks out dark places where she can trust her eyes. She enjoys herself with her imaginary friends, who are, to her, as real as any other. She paints them with glowing bat-wings and beautiful eyes made of emeralds and sapphires. Mostly she is a kind a quiet girl; a bit shy.

During her psychosis she is a totally different kind of girl. In those moments she is no longer hold back by the normal limits of a human body, such as discomfort or even pain. She experiences her surroundings as terrifying and sees other people as an immediate danger. Her terror makes her incredible strong, and she can even be a danger to adult men. Overall this makes her highly unpredictable and terribly dangerous. Best is to wait till the psychosis passes and she calms down. Luckily the most intense ones have the shortest timespan, with a maximum of a couple of hours. However the run-up and the aftermath can take up to various weeks. During this time she will be confused and hard to reach. She won't listen, walks away often and is suspicious or even paranoid. Most of the time the psychosis will be predicable, as they build up slowly. However, they can also strike out of nowhere in a very aggressive matter.


Azar Donoghue

♂ God of dreams. Wanderer between worlds. Cannot dream himself, thus visits the dreams of others. His immortality is gained by eating the dreams he visits. Graffiti artist in daily life. Loves poppies. And Dille.

Nachtschade Donoghue

♂ All the shitty stuff she does, and all the horrible ways she goes about things, it's all out of love, and it's all because she just doesn't know how to love. She's never been taught love. She's never been shown love. Love to her is probably very much tied with abuse and with pain, and so that's the only way she knows how to go about loving because she hasn't been taught otherwise.
by alimarije

Fawn Woods

inspiration You were so lovely, you blended in with the flowers. I did not notice you at first, until you moved and the entire garden came alive. // For my will is as strong as yours and my kingdom as great. You have no power over me. // A pretty deer and a luminous wolf, what a pair.

Evan V. Donoghue

♂ Evan is a fairly serious individual with very little patience for the eccentricities of the various people he meets. However, he is not above employing sarcasm in conversation with certain people, particularly those he sees as exhibiting hypocrisy. He has a strong protector instinct, which perhaps is amplified by his quest for redemption.
by alimarije

Thor Donoghue

♂ He had born as a soft boy, full of hope and light; his Italian a running book full of gentle pauses and ellipses, thoughtful lashes between tongue and word. Soft eyes, soft hands, why didn’t he emerge with armor? Why was he doomed to be vulnerable? Battleworn, hard as iron, and wearing his scars on his sleeve, Thor’s life is and has been every morsel of assumption that others have made from first sight: sharp, bitter, and full of an acute, ragged desolation.
by alimarije

Dille Ainsley

♀ Dille is a little trapped in her own little world. She's a little odd and mysterious, which can make it hard to actually get under her skin. She's lonely but she's never really attempted to change that because of her weaknesses in trust and lack of conformity to what is considered "normal" socialization as she wasn't raised in a very typical way. Without a doubt, Dille trusts far too easily. It keeps her living the sheltered life which her family framed for her from a very early age. But what happens when someone enters her life whom she trusts more than her family?
by alimarije


Nachtschade Donoghue mother. Nachtschade raised her in a beautiful mansion hidden in a fairytale-like forest. Wolf having enough issues to deal with from day to day, this is the love that made her strong and durable. It thought her how to cope with the problems and the people that appeared outside of the protected bubble in the woods.

Azar Donoghue cousin. Brother in all but blood. She protects him from his nightly demons; he from her waking ones. He takes her on nightly trips when she is tired of being awake during the day. She welcomes him in her nightmarish-dreams, welcoming the void he leaves in his wake.

Fawn Woods friend Even though Wolf could be easily placed in the category 'weird' or 'different', she has never been treated really badly. In social groups she is still an outsider, but most of the time it better to be left alone than being bullied and abused. Despite being the lone wall-flower, she has found a very good friend in Fawn, who always sticked by her side.

Evan V. Donoghue uncle. From the moment Azar & Thor moved back to the Birchwood Ranch, Wolf begged to visit the ranch as much as possible. After all she can’t stand the distance between her and her almost-brother, and, truth to be told, she is not scared of these horses at all. When Evan caught her on one of her midnight stalks trying to get on the back of a horse, he decided to take it on him to teach her how to ride. If she did not love him before, she definitely does now.


through Fawn’s eyes This idea seemed to enlighten Wolf: her eyes flashed and with a shake of her head she moved her dark curls out of her face. For a moment Fawn was distracted. She had always loved Wolf’s curls. Unlike her own, which were a mess, they were perfectly ringlet shaped. She had never busted her on a bad hair day and she suspected that Wolf simply woke up with hair like that in the morning. The curls had always been beautiful, but now they were simply hypnotising.

The main colour was still a dark shade of brown, close to black, like dark chocolate, but now when she moved, and the sun caught the locks, it shone in blue and purple and green. Like raven feathers. Fawn could do nothing but stare, for a total loss at words. It turned out that this world had not only changed her - but also had made her friend an even more desirable creature.

Horse Shape

Breed arabian mutt

Coat a dark shade of brown, with a subtle (almost unnoticeable) purple hue to it, speckled with countless of white spots - like a night full of stars.

Eyes very bright, lime green

Mane & tail slightly darker than her coat, close to black

Additional Information

Random Facts

  1. ‘With time, all things grow up.’ Usually this also goes for characters. Little Wolf, however, might be an exception to this established rule. She origins back out 2012 and while all my other characters out of that time have grown up (or were born grown up), she is still the little thing I then imagined her to be. It’s not unlikely that will ever change.
  2. Despite being tortured by what normal people would call nightmares, she is a positive little thing: filled with hope and wonder about a beautiful world. Of course, she can be afraid, but her general state of mind is positive. In an otherwise dark world, she is a ray of sunshine.
  3. Her brain being different wired than most, she does not see magic as magic. For her, it is just part of the way the world works. That her cats are not always black, but might sometimes shine violet or ocean blue, is just the way things are.
  4. She has an imaginary friend, who mostly looks like a giant moose with bat-like wings. To great amusement of her elders, she called him Boose. People who know her, are used to her acknowledgement of his presence. Even the people at her school have somewhat made peace with his ‘existence’ (albeit with an expected reluctance).
  5. Overall she is an easy, quiet kid, content with spending her time dreaming; stolen away by her ever wandering mind. She likes to play outside, find flowers, create bouquets, build tree houses and campfires. She is prone to wandering of at night, since the world is such a more wonderful place during those time. Given the chance she can and will pull any one and everyone out of bed to go with her.
  6. The possibility to ride a horse was quite the discovery for her. Up till the first time on the Birchwood ranch she was completely oblivious to the fact that both horses existed, as well as that you could ride them. However, it was love at first sight. Ever since she has always been dedicated to Evan’s riding lessons. Azar wouldn’t blink twice before recognise she could outride them all.
  7. She might be a kid, and an innocent one at that, but she has not only seen the abyss that is inside her soul, she has wandered around in it’s darkness without fear. She not afraid of the dark, nor of the unknown. Instead she reaches out with wonder, and (without judgement she) holds the hand of anyone who is not yet brave enough to walk alone.
  8. Being one of these persons that is not yet ready to face his demons alone, Azar held her hand for quite a long time. He finds comfort her approach of the darkness, the hope she ever holds in her heart. To him, Wolf is a candle, kindly shining lights on an all too dark road.
  9. With the purple, the black, the cats, the skulls, and subtle lights and diamonds, her moodboard is one of my all time favourites.