Aleena Akesh

Skyfire. Like her mother she is pale and silver; like her father she is deep, dark and dangerous. During a moonless night she is the stars - as well as the infinite darkness that lays beyond.

Azar Donoghue

♂ God of dreams. Wanderer between worlds. Cannot dream himself, thus visits the dreams of others. His immortality is gained by eating the dreams he visits. Graffiti artist in daily life. Loves poppies. And Dille.

Buck Woods

♂ Better known as Bucky. Younger brother of Fawn. Lured by Jackdaw to his kingdom of singing clouds, to be forever young. Despite being caught in a timeless place, he has grown up pretty fast: now more man than boy; a lot more cynical than before.

Cameron Roy Phoenix

♂ “He doesn't look like much, does he? He is neither really strong, nor exceptionally fast, but he has this feral brutality to his fighting. He lacks any sense of self perseverance. That's what makes him dangerous. You think you have knocked him out cold and somehow he manages to get back up again. He doesn't know how to properly answer to the phrase 'do you have enough?' Other than 'no', that is. We are all waiting for the fight that will kill him, but he has been lucky so far.”

Carter Ellis Salvatore

♂ The combination of being both spoilt beyond measure, and insanely rich, hardly ever make for a decent human-being. Add a nice shot of adolescence to the mix and you have the perfect recipe for trouble. Having access to virtually everything and anything money can buy, one can hardly blame Carter for his arrogance. The only thing he is ever looking for is a good time, and if that good time is involving expensive suits, perfect drinks, and beautiful women, then it is all for the better.

Cayenne Roux

♀ “I used to be this person, you know? I loved the ocean. I really, really loved her. You can’t even imagine. I was the best swimmer on the island - on all the islands in the region. And then he came along and I ended up dead. I cannot be that person anymore, because she died. I don’t know how to swim anymore. I remain very much afraid of the ocean, because I know - I know, he is somewhere out there.
I remember how to dance, though - and there is joy there.”

Channah Hayden

♀ One could argue the world is not divided in good and evil. Maybe such a thought is true, maybe it isn’t, but in Channah’s perception you are either wrong or right. Usually easy going and light hearted, the cheerful red-head is one to get along with many. But like the War corrupted the lands, it also burned her soul - and what used to be sweet, has now a bitter aftertaste.

Connor Halloran

♂ Pirate. Hunter of mermaids and sirens. Guardian between the North and the South. Bounty hunter for both sides. Collector of curiosities. Like a caged lion, restless, always moving, but in a quiet lurking way. He is always thinking, always calculating, always musing and searching for his best chances. Bold, reckless, vicious, very violent and particular ruthless. Does not believe in beauty, beauty always passes - beauty must pass.
”Lovely, lovely creatures, mermaids.”

Deimos Dvorak

♂ Relentless. Vicious. Outstanding analytical mind. Always quietly brooding. Always looking, always taking in thousands and thousands of details. He is a charmer, knows how to make you laugh, how to grab and keep your attention. If you want something, he will find a way to get it to you. You’d be a wise man, though, to keep in mind that nothing ever comes for free.


♂ God of death. Wears darkness like a suit, is clothed in it. Smoke embracing his frame, playing tricks on the mind; always deluding the eye. He is always moving, has ever this quiet storm whispering around him.

Dale 'Dimi' Rockwell

♂ Born in another part of the world underneath the name Vladimir Dimish, young Dimi already has travelled more than most people in a whole lifetime. He has been raised with a hard hand, and sent away from his parents at a young age. He is trained to survive, and even thrive, in the most difficult of circumstances. He can be charismatic, alluring, with this whole bunch of amazing stories he has to tell. Places he has seen, people he has met. The real Vladimir, however, stays hidden behind a carefully crafted facade. His life as leader of the Rockwell Boys is just another mask he wears all too well.

Fabian Sullivan

♂ (deceased) Despite his father's efforts, Fabian grew up being cynical and cold; turned out bitter and broken by the abandonment of his mother. Through the years he left all of his mistresses heartbroken and mentally abused. Till he met Her. He fell fast and hard for her innocence; her inner beauty. They spent a few happy years together, married and had a pretty son. She died in an awful accident. Unable to live with the grief he killed himself soon after.

Fawn Woods

inspiration You were so lovely, you blended in with the flowers. I did not notice you at first, until you moved and the entire garden came alive. // For my will is as strong as yours and my kingdom as great. You have no power over me. // A pretty deer and a luminous wolf, what a pair.

Fingall ‘Flight’ Akesh

♂ Born as human, raised himself through the ages to the status of half-god. Considered to be immortal. Son of wanderers, and no stranger to the world himself. Grew up in a warm and loving family. Dreamed of flying before he could walk. Almost killed himself, several times, by trying to make this dream come true. When he could walk, he wandered off constantly, into the plains, the forests, and old villages. Got lost multiple times, but got never discouraged. Roamed the world ever since his early teens. Fathered at least five children by three different people. Had multiple lovers, men as well as women. Probably has some kind of multiple personality disorder causing his very erratic behaviour. Is however, always true to his true self. Whatever that may be. Spends now most his time working on a ranch, annoying a certain cowboy. Until he will soar on the wind to some other place and time.


Mohave Dereith He said I was the bastard child that got lucky enough not to grow up in a whorehouse. That I had to steal for him, lie for him, deceive for him - that was something I was supposed to take for granted. With the first opportunity I got, I left that place. I traveled far and wide, stole and sold whatever I needed to get what I want: things, words, lies. I backed down for nothing and no-one, and played whatever roll I had to. I was small and skinny, but I never failed to portray the ravenous woman as well as the scared child. I managed to move men and women alike, just not in the same way, and not for the same desires.

Ivory Blue

♀ Jamie: “She is sort of remarkable you know? Not only because of her beauty, or her musical skills. No, she is the kind of person that makes you wonder ‘could I have done better?’ - for me all the more. I am not a good person and I did not do well by her. But life does not always give you the things you long to have, or the ones that you are most comfortable with. I suppose you could say, in a way, I am a better person because I had the chance to get to know her.”

Jack D. Wickham

♂ Too handsome and smart-mouthed for his own good. Some people are just born wicked. He is a charmer; has this sweet-talking tongue that reels people in. Everyone knows trouble follows in his wake, but they are drawn to him like moths to a flame. Jack is laid-back in nature, always in for good fun. It takes a lot to provoke him, but once provoked he can be extremely cruel in his retaliation.


Lover of everything that is eternal and broken. Man of many names. Commonly known as the Bird God. Cast out of heaven for his mischievous and sometimes treacherous play; an annoyance to the gods. Among everything he knew, they took his immortality - but not his powers. His sister granted him a world of his own (Lasinco) and with his magic he made an immortal life out of the life of human (children). Has been playing God and King ever since.

James Cortes

♂ Born as son of an insanely rich family and heir to a criminal empire, James always got everything he could ever wish for. That doesn’t mean his youth was easy: he was raised with a hard hand and a lot of discipline. There was not such a thing as being late, skipping class or fail a test. James has been raised to, always, be the best - and so he became the best - in everything.

Jamie Cortes

♀ Jamie is nothing but a ghost. Born and raised to maintain and rule a criminal empire, she does not exist on paper. Her family, who had her future all figured out from the day she was born, got smoothly outplayed when she took over this same empire before even reaching her twenties. For Jamie life is all about business. There is very little room left for things as happiness and love.

Kas von Deal

♂ All his life Kas has been faithful to the (future) emperor. River recruited him in his early teenage years and Kas has been working for him ever since. Unlike the other members of Sterre’s (former) friend-group, he has never had any doubts about where his alliances or his future lay. Despite being powerful, he has a way of making himself invisible; making him an important asset to River’s army.

Katar Glazier

She is my blazing little bee who loves painting and all bright colours of the sunset. She loves to dance with the sand underneath her feet and do all kinds of crazy stuff. She knows how to be happy - something which is a lost art among most of my characters. She lives a simple life, and she loves it. She has a way to bring more worried-based characters down to earth and remember them to relax - that the universe will wait.

Lyona N’fenn

♀ With her silver hair and ocean coloured eyes, Lyona is as close to the nymphs as you will ever find them. She has a delightful voice and is a blaze of light in an ever dark world. Despite coming of as fragile she has a very strong and outspoken personality and she will neither backdown or give up when she has put her mind to something: “But even if we cannot change the future, even if we cannot win, it would never keep us from trying.”


♀ “Maeve: his restless warrior, so different she was from her star-gazing sister. Her mind a blaze, but never peaceful enough to create anything but fire. Well, she had made quite a profession out of that, hadn’t she? She was both feared and admired throughout his kingdom, for both her sharp tongue and the flames she could create with her touch. The cubs, they looked up to her. By Ua, she had managed to gather all those filthy wildlings and somehow shape them into a small army. Whenever he would send her out to the human world, she could - and would - rain holy hell down upon these lands.”

Melody Myst

♀ With an older brother who could easily rule the world, and an older sister to defy all the rules, Melody has always fought to gain the admiration of her parents. To them she always was, way more than her siblings ever could be, the perfect child. To Sterre she was an annoyance easily brushed over. Amongst all what she was and what she should be, Melody is trying to shape a personality she takes pride in - and a skin she can wear to make her happy.

Montez ‘Mojito’ Black

♂ Just like a blackberry mojito, Montez welcomes you with alluring beauty and a charismatic smile. The first sip of his presence will leave you with bittersweet pleasure and a taste of the darkness that is lying underneath. Just like the mojito cocktail, Montez is highly addictive and puts a strain on all of your boundaries. He will make you feel wonderful for a while, until your eyes grow heavy and your head starts to hurt. Once familiar with his company one should take care to back away soon enough.

Myou Akesh

"She was like a forest, like the dark interlacing of the oakwood, humming inaudibly with myriad unfolding buds. Meanwhile the birds of desire were asleep in the vast interlaced intricacy of her body."

Quinn Phoenix

♂ He used to work as a government asset for a black-ops organisation. He was, so to say, the guy that killed the bad guys. Now he is, in his own words, just “the guy that kills other guys”.


Kalliope von Lyrr Kelpie. Creature of the sea. Beautiful woman in the world of men. Eyes like the sea, hair as the tidal waves. Detached from human emotions, follows her nature. Lures men to devour them. Not to be owned. Or loved. Always longing for home. The Ocean.

The Red Right Hand

♂ Clears all the jobs Devaki does not want to clear. Is a maniac, loves blood. Absolutely crazy, absolutely terrifying. Meeting him, equals meeting death: the only thing you have left is to wish it will come soon. He does not necessarily like torture, he simply likes blood. He yearns to cut people open and paint the walls with the ruby liquid.

Ren Ryder

♀ Dark, intense, seductive and attractive, lives a high paced life with deep lows and intense highs. Smoldering, beautiful, destructive. Cuts her wrists and mind, just to see if she can bleed. Needs the pain to make sure she is still alive. Plays with your reality, like drugs, yet better.

The Night King

River Donyrr. Born underneath the prophecy that he would rule an empire one day, one could suggest River’s life and destiny was an easy one. After all, from the outside, great things always seem to come for free. Very few do know the effort and pain he put himself through in order to gain the things he has now. He rules an empire from which the borders are unseen; his powers are unchallenged, but there is nothing either in or outside the borders of his empire that can still the yearning of his ever hungry soul.

Ruby Phoenix

♀ Trashy and wild. Lollipops, leather jackets and coca cola cans. After Quinn’s alleged death, she goes wherever Cameron goes, and fights whoever he fights. She is loud, with a smart mouth and quick wit. She doesn’t always think before she speaks, and she is not afraid to pick a fight with guys twice her size. Like her brothers she has a taste for trouble, and she is the first to break any set rules. “Unless I can use it to take your eyes out, lipstick has not proven useful at all.”

Seth Ravenhill

♂ He could have been great. He could have ruled a kingdom, an empire, perhaps an entire world. He could have been the love of her life, the center of her universe. He could have been, but he is the kind of humble man that never would accept a crown. She was the kind of ambitious woman that would never for reach anything less than the stars. His achievements could have been great, but he rather picked the peaceful unknown of a quiet life. The price? Letting go of the girl he always hoped to grow old with.

Sky Myst

♂ For some time he used to be closest friend of the would-to-be-Emperor, but with great destiny comes great loneliness and, as he found out, great darkness. It was a darkness he wished to be no part off and at a certain point he cut of the bound between the two of them. Despite stepping away from River he never refrained from trying to safe Sterre from the same Emperor - a destiny he never was meant to fulfil.

Sterre Myst

Smart, loud, loyal. Sarcastic, hard, cold. Reason before feelings. Tendency to be judgmental. Manipulative. Doesn’t bow for anyone. Stubborn. Highly intelligent with great magical skill. Will lead an Empire one day, but will kill her friends over it.

Storm Wyos

♂ Dog of war. Born and raised a warrior. Can be perfectly silent, yet incredibly loud at the same time. Loyal. Filled up with sarcasm. Harsh and honest. Stubborn and proud. Mocks the gullibility of the world, but deeply regrets the loss of innocence in the same way. Stands for nothing; will kneel for no man. Yet, never stops fighting for the same empty believes. 'Beware for the man who has nothing to lose. For he has only to gain.'

Wolf Elena Donoghue

♀ Wolf is a pretty little thing, but quite hunted by her schizophrenia disorder. Most of the time she is this lovely little lady talking to her imaginary friends, but she can have extreme and violent outbursts that can even scare grown man into retreat. The Floreale Estate is probably her favourite place in the world; her two cats company of choice.